A winter essential for your skin; Kumkumadi Tailam face oil

As we are now gradually stepping into the winter season, our skin starts calling out for an extra hydration and deep nourishment. According to Ayurveda, face oils are a timeless version of art and healing. For centuries, face oils have played a significant role in tackling numerous skin issues. It’s the deep penetration of the oils that locks in the moisture.
Many of you would wonder how? And, at the same time many of you would be paranoid to apply an oil on your face. Let’s break the scare for you, the innate ability of a face oil is to protect, replenish and nourish your skin from within. The question, still persists, wouldn’t applying a face oil clog my pores? The answer is; if you apply a comedogenic oil, your skin may get clogged and thus would lead to breaking out, however if you apply a non-comedogenic oil, your skin’s sebum production will be balanced thus leading to prevention of breakouts.
The good news is; our Kumkumadi Tailam oil, is a lightweight oil that will prevent the skin from breaking out.

Our star creation; the Kumkumadi Tailam oil has long vied for centuries for an up mark to cure all types of skin issues targeting all skin types. An age-old healing concoction created to standstill in your skincare routine; our Kumkumadi Tailam oil is a blend of consciously chosen ayurvedic herbs that possess healing properties. We at Twak Ayurveda call this, ‘the understated skin illuminator for your skin’.

This conscious concoction consists of; kesar, chandan, lodhra, manjishtha, haridara, licorice, khus, nagkesar, raktachandan, vacha, goat milk and sesame oil. These active ingredients each, have potent properties that embody an effective solution to a range of skin problems.
The Kumkumadi Tailam oil once incorporated into your winter skincare routine, doesn’t just protect and nourish but also offers a combatting sphere to minimize the prevention of acne. Concretely, it also lends a hand to treat damaged skin along with treating pigmentation, dark circles and pimple marks. Brightening of the skin is a given, while restoring a healthy texture. Those who take pride in celebrating a bare face and vouch the ideology of natural beauty, the Kumkumadi Tailam oil is a must have for a naturally glowing skin. Simply add it to your nighttime skincare routine for that perfect inner glow the next morning.

A true investment that will raise your beauty stocks, by keeping your skin timeless and glowing all year long.

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