Ayurvedic Secrets: Here's how the Combination of Multani Mitti and Haldi can Benefit your Skin

Multani Mitti, a time-tested face cleanser

Multani mitti, used from time immemorial, is an Ayurvedic exfoliator that possesses excellent cleansing properties. Rich in calcium bentonite, it stands as an example of the wisdom of the ancestors.

Hectic days and constant travelling are cause for dirt deposits and impurities on your skin that diminish your look. You also run the risk of clogged pores, a disaster for clear skin, which you want to avoid at all costs.

                                               Haldi Multani Mitti

 Haldi, the anti-inflammation expert

Haldi, we hate it for how it stains a white shirt, but the skin benefits give it a great rep. It’s delightful, almost unbelievable properties, like being antioxidant-rich and a gentle antiseptic make it a must-have in your skincare routine. It also helps eliminate dark spots and blemishes!

It’s anti-inflammatory properties even improve blood circulation, which leads to skin feeling smoother with a beaming glow.

Why the combo of Multani Mitti and Haldi for your skin

Both of these ingredients aren’t usually thought of together, but we’re glad we did. The merging of these gives us an Ayurvedic concoction that does wonders for your skin. The combination of the mineral-rich Multani mitti and Haldi will clear and smooth out your skin, ridding it of blemishes and acne, leaving it with a bright, radiant look. Twice a week, simply apply and leave it on for 15-20 minutes, rinse and end your day, waking up to bright and radiant skin.

A face mask is a perfect product to cleanse your skin of any impurities, as its primary task is absorption. This process is vital for your face as it may see a serious buildup of impurities, such as dirt which result in skin breakout. Our concoction is a thoughtful mixture of Ayurvedic ingredients that perfectly complement each other’s healing properties, crafted for all skin types, to combat the ever-present threat of damaged clear skin and early ageing.

Thoughtful Ingredients make for a Timeless Concoction

The mixture consists of multani mitti, haldi, tea tree, and neem, creating a perfect concoction for your skin after a long day. Incorporate the Haldi Multani Mitti Face Mask into your night routine, have your skin give off a lively glow, and eliminate any chance for blackheads and blemishes from coming up.

A must-have for those who like sporting a natural look, our face mask has the ability to boost your natural glow, giving your skincare routine a serious upgrade. It does an amazing job of protecting your skin from outside damage, tones and acts as an anti-aging agent.

Want to care for your skin with the best? We bring you the science of Ayurveda, harnessing the wisdom of the Vedas when it comes to making healthier skin and hair choices.

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