For the last-minute Diwali Gifting, we got your back.

Yes!! It’s that time of the year again. The streets will be lit with lights, your homes with diyas and your face with a glowing grin.

With Diwali comes the inevitable gifting and we all know our curation of gifts speak a lot about us as givers. We’re all struggling with the question what to gift our family and friends this season, aren’t we?

So, we thought let’s make this easier for you to choose while also making it more thoughtful.

 Here are our three perfectly curated gifts to make sure your family and friends indulge in handmade luxurious Ayurvedic potion this Diwali.

The Champi Day;

This one’s for the champi days, especially curated for some Dadi and granddaughter time. The age-old practice of oiling hair, doesn’t just nourish the hair but also, builds a strong bond in the family brining two generations together whilst passing on to making it into a timeless ritual.

Our Kuntalkanti hair oil is ethically handmade with naturally sourced ayurvedic herbs, created to combat hair fall, nourish the scalp to promote hair growth and at the same time possess antibacterial properties. The star ingredient of the Kuntalkanti hair oil; Brhingraj is a knight in shining armor that holds numerous qualities to revive your hair game making it stronger, dandruff free, nourished, lustrous and profoundly bids a goodbye to grey hair.

Few of the active ingredients like; cow milk, amla, lemon and khas are added to take it a notch up.

Twining with Masks;

Laying low and spending the day at home after a wholesome lunch, followed by a plate full of sweets will definitely evoke that urge for a nap. Also, there is so much to catch up on with the siblings and their lives, that a nap requires a discount. Well, let us make your Bhai Dooj afternoon fun with our Haldi Multani Face Mask.

A face mask you and your siblings can apply for that perfect #Twinning Instagram picture or a boomerang. A mild exfoliating mask made with earthy ingredients such as; clay, turmeric, neem and tea tree. All of these ingredients are power pacts for fighting acne, blemishes and dullness while protecting the skin from external damage.

For the dearest of all, Ma;

Taking a sinuous route her veins find a place of solace in her toughened hands, those fine wrinkles create a geometry of their own. Created to give than to receive, Ma’s hands deserve all the love, nourishment and renewed softness. A gift she will always say she doesn’t need, nod in denial and yet apply at night thinking about her children with a pleasant smile on her face.

Our Nagkesar Moisturising cream is made to soften, smoothen and offer supreme hydration with rich hydrating ingredients like; nagkesar, tender coconut, vitamin E and khadir aiming to treat dehydration, pigmentation and reverse damage. Perfectly blended to treat those heavily worked dry hands. Trust us, with this one we bet your Ma would wear a beautiful smile as an accessory she’d cherish.

Also, we’re elated to share with you, the launch of our new product; ‘ABHYANGA TAILAM’ for this festive season.

A peculiar concoction of active ingredients, essential herbs and oil is created to pamper your skin by improving the skin tone and blood circulation.

Its pure and aromatic, immersed in botanical ingredients that are anti-ageing that not only boost muscle recovery but also act as stress busters to relax the body and mind. It improves the nature of relaxation massage and helps extensively in the healing process. Few of its star benefits include, reduction in inflammation, toning the muscles, skin tightening, rejuvenating the skin and body and calming the mind.

Improves your sleep quality as well, you’d never guess this one being one of its benefits, would you?

Stay tuned on; to get updates on the new launch.

So, what are you waiting for? The perfectly thought of Diwali gift is just a click away.

Wishing you a very happy Diwali in advance from the entire team of Twak Ayurveda.