Ayurveda & Skin Care

Ayurveda & Skin Care

Ayurveda – The ancient Indian art of healing and bringing your body, mind and soul in harmony, comes from Atharva VedaAyurveda attained a state of reverence and is classified as one of the UpaVedas - a subsection - attached to the Atharva Veda.

Ayurveda defines life – Ayu in a very apt sense.

शरीरेन्द्रिय्सत्त्वात्मसंयोगो धारि जीवितम् ।

नित्यगश्र्चानुबन्धश्र्च पर्यायौरायुरूच्यते ।।

The term ‘Ayu’ meaning life is a combination of the Shareera (The Body), Indriya (Sense Organs), Satva (The Mind) & Atma (The Soul).

The body when combined with these three i.e the sense organs, mind, and soul, becomes life. Without the combination of all four, life does not exist.

When we talk about skin, it is the largest organ of our body, which essentially needs to be treated carefully.

There are mainly eight divisions in Ayurveda, from which Rasayana (science of rejuvenation or anti-ageing) & Kaya-chikitsa (Internal Medicine) tackle problems related to beauty. As removing the root cause is the main line of treatment in Ayurveda, it also focuses on Kaya chikitsa.

We are all in pursuit of flawless skin and healthy, lustrous hair that make one look and feel good. And the market is full with options that give ‘instant’ results, that when we actually try are not only heavy on the skin and hair, but also undoubtedly cause serious problems, instantly or at a later time.

It then becomes highly imperative to understand in depth, if the ingredients which are used are natural, and/or organically certified. As they are not only gentle for skin and hair but also ensure longevity. A product can be natural and organic, but not all-natural products are organic. It is important to keep your skincare and haircare natural with gentle, natural beauty products. The benefits of it are endless.

  1. When ingredients are natural and organic, everything is naturally-scented with no added colours. For example, almond cream is made from real almonds and your essential oils are from the real plant. Upon regular usage, , you’ll be able to notice the difference between an imitation fragrance and a natural fragrance and you’ll never want to switch back. 
  1. When you switch from cosmetic products to all-natural products, your skin and hair texture improve drastically. The ONLY catch being: you need to be consistent in using all-natural products religiously. Since the ingredients are gentle and derived straight from mother nature, the result will be accurate and long-lasting. However, persistent use is very important. In cases where the hair and skin were only accustomed to harsh chemicals, Ayurvedic alternatives take time to undo the damage. But rest assured, the results are always worth it! 
  1. In Ayurveda, every product is formulated with healing and medicinal qualities, so that it addresses health and beauty from the inside out. For example, Brahmi hair oil- one of the best herbs to rejuvenate the brain (memory and intelligence), and the nervous system. It seeps right into your brain cells, and also happens to be excellent for hair growth. This, combined with rosemary and curry leaves, amla oil, and coconut oil makes for a hair oil that will not only leave you with lustrous, beautiful hair, but will rejuvenate and soothe too. As opposed to, harsh chemical ingredients-based hair ‘care’ products that only leave your hair undernourished and weak.
  1. Ayurveda has products for all and offers a chance to choose your personalised skin or hair care product, as per your need. For eg, Vata skin is dry, thin, rough, prone to aging. For Vata skin to stay youthful, you must use nurturing and hydrating skincare products containing hydrating ingredients such as avocado oil and castor oil. Pitta skin is sensitive, prone to inflammation, redness, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis. To balance Pitta skin, one must use cooling and nurturing products. That is why the Pitta products contain soothing ingredients such as coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil, turmeric, and sandalwood.
  1. Switching to all-natural products is beneficial in the long-run. When you invest in Ayurvedic skin and hair products, you are investing in good health and great care that overtime shows lasting results. The same cannot be said for your commercial products that are made using chemicals that can only harm.

It is important to choose products prepared with natural ingredients to help rejuvenate your skin and hair, and to create not only an AM to PM daily skincare regime but also a weekly indulgent ritual that allows you to escape from the stressors of everyday life.