Say Goodbye to Hairfall Woes with the Twak Ayurveda Kuntalkanti Hair Oil

Hair loss or hair fall, usually accompanied by fraying, and dullness is more common than you think. Happening at times due to the loss of natural oils, and a lack of essential nutrients, the Twak Ayurveda Kuntalkanti Hair Oil brings to you a plethora of ayurvedic ingredients sourced through a natural process.

Containing anti-bacterial and protective properties, the oil stimulates the scalp, ensures hair growth and restricts hair fall. Taking from the wisdom of the ancestors, we see how natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Cow Milk and Amla boost hair health and work toward addressing the major issues of hair fall and slowing hair growth.

Coconut Oil, a time-tested natural oil

Derived from the meat of mature coconuts and used by grandmothers galore, we see the wisdom and value of ancient traditions when it comes to hair care. Coconut Oil contains the hair care elixir Vitamin E, which works toward hair growth and against hair fall. 

With a heavy concentration of fatty acids, it penetrates and strengthens the hair, reducing fraying and acting as a strong hair-loss treatment tool. Coconut oil is used by cultures across the world for restoring lustre to dry and damaged hair.

Our Twak Kuntalkanti Hair Oil, like any good hair oil should, contains coconut oil aiming at strong moisturisation for your hair, improving hair texture and is soothing and calming to the mind.

Cow Milk, a rich source of hair growth

The most often thought of source of calcium and protein, both vital for hair growth, cow milk helps increase the growth of hair follicles. 

Milk also helps bring back the shine and lustre to hair, infusing it with protein and vitamins. Being used for millennia, it reduces fraying and makes hair straight.

The Twak Kuntalkanti Hair Oil consists of all the essential ingredients you need for putting a stop to hair fall and encouraging hair growth. Cow Milk maintains the balance of natural oils on the scalp, playing a very important role in hair growth.

Amla, valuable for all hair

Amla as an ingredient has been used heavily to combat hair loss. Containing iron, phosphorous and calcium, it is great for fighting against hair loss and making a healthier scalp.

An important ingredient for healthier hair and scalp, it is vital for hair growth to be nutrient rich. This is why the Twak Kuntalkanti Hair Oil has Amla as one of its ingredients, helping your hair achieve its very best health and shine.

At Twak, we seek to bring to everyone the Wisdom of the Vedas when it comes to skin and hair health along with the overall temperament of the body. Check out the Twak Kuntalkanti Hair Oil on, a true godsend for letting your hair thrive and live up to its full potential.