The Twak Guide to Healthy Hair: Neem, Amla and Hibiscus

A head full of strong, healthy hair is the common goal, and there are an innumerable number of products and ingredients that claim to have these results. The answers have always been known to us, in this land, thus we at Twak bring them to you. Neem, Amla and Hibiscus form the trifecta of perfect hair growth and volume enhancement - each addressing different but supplemental hair problems commonly faced.

Thinning hair, grey strands, dandruff and hair loss, universal hair problems are best addressed with this Ayurvedic combo of Neem, Amla and Hibiscus. As the world comes to recognize the expertise and value of natural ingredients, it becomes imperative to make the best use of them, much like our ancestors have done.

Amla, the “next best thing” in haircare

Amla, also known as the Indian Gooseberry contains a high concentration of vitamin E - which helps it promote healing and cell regeneration in the applied area. Various studies have proven that it stimulates hair growth among people who experience hair loss.

Containing vitamin C, phosphorous, iron and calcium, Amla being added as an ingredient in your haircare routine will be a godsend, resulting in luscious locks. An example of why we need to look to our past to learn the secrets of beauty, Amla promotes a healthier scalp, reducing dandruff.

Our Kuntalkanti Hair Conditioner is imbibed with the power of Amla and Hibiscus along with various other ayurvedic ingredients, guaranteed to help your hair attain its best look, healthy, thick and natural!

Hibiscus, beautiful flower and miracle ingredient 

Part of a combination of herbal extracts, Hibiscus is seen to work best against dandruff and is particularly known to supplement the scalp, allowing for greater hair growth

Packed with Amino acids, Hibiscus is used more than others in hair care products, to strengthen hair roots and thicken hair naturally. Its concentration of amino acids gives it anti-ageing properties.

Find the strength of Hibiscus and Amla in the Kuntalkanti Hair Conditioner along with other ayurvedic ingredients, handpicked to address the root of all health issues, helping you eliminate them with natural ingredients.

Neem, a beauty ingredient in use forever

Addressing an itchy scalp, dandruff prevalence, preventing split ends and frizziness are what Neem as a hair care ingredient brings to the table. No more of an itchy scalp is a confidence booster, a part of why Neem is prized for its properties.

Demonstrating antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Neem eliminates chances for dandruff or lice, while also reducing grey hairs. It conditions your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and leaving you with a healthy head of hair! 

Like what you hear? Well, the Twak Neem Shikekai Hair Cleanser contains the wonder ingredient, Neem and other ayurvedic ingredients aimed at giving you a natural, full head of healthy hair using the wisdom of the ancestors.

At Twak Ayurveda, we put the wisdom of Vedas into practice by curating skin and hair care products that work by balancing your dosha synergies. Explore our range at today.