Welcome To Twak Ayurveda


Our Founder Dr. Varun Khare

With a history in Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing for the past 30 years, our founder Dr.Varun Khare has been intrigued by the science of Ayurveda and its healing powers early on in life. With a strong conviction that Ayurveda could bring about transformation in people’s lives, he started practicing alongside his mother Dr.Sucheta by assisting her in various medical cases. It was while tending to a patient who had low tolerance towards cosmetics and skin products did he realize that there was something seriously missing in the skin care industry in India. This awareness took him to the beginning of his journey that started with making and using age-old Ayurvedic medicines like Kumkumadi Oil and several Lepa, Massage Oils, Herbal Hair Washes, and more. Realizing the gap in a market full of brands that claimed to be making herbal and organic products, he then decided to bring this ancient knowledge of Ayurveda to make legitimate and authentic shampoos and lotions, in smaller batches in his own kitchen, before finally starting TWĀK Ayurveda which means skin in Sanskrit.

Our Co-Founder Anuja Marudgan Khare

Architect and co-founder of TWAK Ayurveda, Anuja Marudgan Khare represents one side of Twak Ayurveda. When her husband, Dr.Varun Khare expressed the idea to her, she was one of the first testers and reviewers of the products. Having witnessed the entire process, she then used her expertise to bring forth the design aspect into the brand. Not only did she provide significant inputs for developing new products, but also helped the brand gain momentum once the products were developed. Right from presentation to giving the products and brand their justified design, and placing them in the market – Anuja has played an active role in giving TWAK Ayurveda its identity.



Promise of Quality and Care

We support small scale farmers, and katkaris who venture into jungles to collect small quantities of the best ingredients that give our products their purity. Our ingredients are sourced every season, in small batches from the foothills of the Himalayas, Kerla, Bhimashankar, Mulshi, and more. Led by Dr.Varun Khare, Twak Ayurveda is a brand that employs and cares for female employees who understand and value the need for natural treatments and products for skin and hair. Commercializing Ayurveda as a beauty brand was something we did not want to be a part of. Being completely sure of this, we wish to use Ayurveda as a holistic and authentic means for the well-being of both, the mind and body. As a result, one will find premium ingredients in our products that not only function on the exterior body but also cure and calm the mind and body within. How we influence the world we live in is important to us. That is why we create and supply our products with careful thought.

Our Mission

Every single product at Twak Ayurveda is formulated using scientific details of Dosha, Prakruti, and Sharir that are considered using the 5 elements of the universe i.e

According to Ayurveda, everything that exists in the universe is made up of 5 elements. When it comes to the body, we co-relate these elements with the 5 senses. What makes us unique is the proportion of each of these elements within each one of us. When the Doshas are in equilibrium, a person is considered to be healthy. This is called Prakruti. All Twak Ayurveda products are based on Samanya Vishesh Sidhanth, which states that everything that exists in nature, also exists in our bodies. Let’s say if one is experiencing dryness of the skin, then they can apply oils/ghee available in nature to moisturise and lubricate the skin. Basically, if there is a decrease in any element in the body, that element can be extracted from nature. Understanding of one’s individual Prakruti and Dosha, helps us understand our bodies for the purpose of better achieving balance, wellness, energy, and beauty through skin and hair products. At Twak Ayurveda, we understand each individual’s body and use this ancient knowledge to cure every shortcoming with earthly elements.