Kuntalkanti Hair Conditioner

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Made from a blend of hand-picked herbs, flowers, roots, and other elements present naturally in our environment, this concoction has been especially created to promote natural and healthy hair. Its regenerative and replenishing properties help remedy unhealthy hair, hair loss, weak scalp, scalp infections, and thinning.

Use after every hair wash to smoothen, protect, and moisturize your hair.

Active Ingredients:

  • Aloevera
  • Hibiscus
  • Amla
  • Brahmi
  • Bhringraj



  • Treats itchy scalp
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Helps prevent split ends
  • Reduces frizziness of hair

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Aloe Vera contains Vitamins A, C, E- all of which promote healthy cell growth and prevent hair loss while making the skin and hair shiny and lustrous. A popular herbal remedy, it also acts as a conditioner that reduces itchiness on the scalp and prevents hair fall. It is widely used in cosmetics and skin-care products as it exfoliates and provides complete moisturization to the skin.


Dab just a drop or two of our Rebecca Minkoff onto your neck and pulse points. Hint: A little goes a long way here and try to resist the urge to rub your wrists together, that’s actually a big no-no!Amla or Gooseberry, is a popular Indian fruit owing to a host of health benefits that it provides. Amla strengthens the hair and is coveted in Ayurvedic tradition as a hair-growth stimulating agent along with working on hair follicles, which prevents graying of hair. It also possesses anti-ageing properties and renders the skin young and healthy.


Bhringraj or ‘false daisy’ as it’s called in English, is extensively used for its wonderful benefits to the hair and skin. Bhringraj nourishes the hair and acts as a hair-growth agent along with working on hair follicles, to prevent premature graying. It is considered as a wonder herb for skin as it treats wrinkles and reduces dullness.


Hibiscus is used extensively for boosting skin and hair health. Packed with amino acids and known particularly for its hair growth-enhancing abilities, it is commonly used in hair care products, to strengthen hair roots and thicken hair naturally. Along with this, hibiscus is known as the anti-aging plant that helps improve skin elasticity. The antioxidants present in it helps fight skin damage from pollutants, exfoliates and provides a clear skin tone.

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Its best product

Go and buy without thinking

Shivanand Masne
Easy to Use and effective

Nice product!

Smooth as silk

Great product makes hair smooth as silk. Effective till 2 days even in this humidity . A big yes


Hair are very smooth n shiny than before ❤

Good one

Definitely a recommended product.

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