Lotus Honey Moisturising Lotion – Body and Face

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From the lap of Mother Nature comes this rejuvenating potion, enriched with natural honey and almond oil, concocted from the oldest healing science of Ayurveda.

Made with all-natural oils and flowers, this soothing body cream is primarily a blend of protective almond oil, and regenerative honey and lotus.

A moisturizer and hydrater, it will nourish and restore the natural, healthy composition of your skin

To Apply:

Give your skin all your love by slathering, and applying in soft circular motions all over the body.

 Active Ingredients:

  • Almond Oil
  • Raw Honey
  • Lotus
  • Khadir



  • A flowy lotion, it can be used all through the year
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and healthy
  • Regenerative and healing properties


Special Uses: Hydration and Nourishment

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Almond Oil

A true powerhouse of nutrition and energy, Almond Oil has been a part of traditional home remedies for many years. It is rich in Vitamin E, healthy fats and fiber, and is extremely popular for its immense benefits for the hair and skin. It acts as the perfect moisturizer for skin and hair because of its hydrating and nourishing properties and is known to soften and repair the skin.


Extremely popular in Ayurveda for its advantages to the skin and hair. It boosts the production of new skin cells for healthy and natural skin glow and complexion and provides ample nourishment to the hair, thus contributing to hair health, shine, and overall texture.


Lotus is used as an essential component for various therapeutic purposes whose active ingredients provide extensive skin and hair benefits. Its oil balancing property helps in preventing acne breakout and the vitamin C present in it helps lighten dark spots, giving light and clear skin. Lotus extract or oil applied to the scalp has been shown to prevent premature graying of hair along with enhancing the elasticity of the hair, making it stronger while providing some extra volume.

Raw Honey

Evolution of bees dates back to as old as 130 million years ago which is why honey has been an age-old solution to various health and beauty problems. Besides being a natural moisturizer, it is rich in antioxidants that helps promote hair growth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good during winter.

Good during winter. Moisturizes skin.

Dipali Verma

This cream feels really great on the skin. My daughter and I religiously use this daily.

Best body lotion I’ve tried so far.

Lotus honey body lotion is extremely moisturising and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated.

 Good moisturiser for winter dryness

This is my third bottle of vaseline moisturiser and it’s really good compared to other products available in the Indian market. Overall, it moisturises the skin well. For extremely dry skin, it’s best


Just everything it claims!! A good companion in winters. Keeps all day moisturized.

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